Hi,我是苏志斌,一个家里有动物园的设计师奶爸,从事工业设计及相关咨询,同时也是一名写作者和视频作者。你可以称呼我为 ,也可以称呼我为 StevenSUiTHiNK 是我在互联网上的通用 ID。你可以在链接集合页 🔗 狡兔some窟 里所罗列的各个平台上找到我和我各种类型的作品。

这个博客是我在互联网上的自留地 / 根据地,主要用于记录我的生活和思考,当我在其他网络平台上写了什么我认为有保留价值的话,也会不定期地整理汇总到这个站点里来。

无论是私人通讯或者商业合作意向,都可以给我发 E-mail,很高兴认识你!


Hi, I’m SUiTHiNK. I am an industrial designer working in product design and related consultancy. In addition to my design work, I also write design-related articles or produce videos on design analysis. Occasionally, I also do promotion on social media for some well-known brands.You can call me Su or Steven, suithink is my generic id on the internet, and you can find me and my works on the various platforms listed in the links collection page 🔗 狡兔some窟.

This blog is my base on the internet, mainly for documenting my life and thoughts, and from time to time, if I write something on other platforms that I think is worth keeping, it will be compiled on this site.

Whether it’s a personal communication or a business partnership, you can send me an e-mail.

My email is: